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What To Expect

Free Intro Call (Optional): Before committing to an initial consultation, you may book a Free Call with myself to discuss more about what exactly naturopathic medicine is, and how it may help you. This is an opportunity to see if I will be a good fit for you.

First Visit: Your first visit will be up to 90min. During this time, we will take a thorough history and discuss your most important health goals. We will begin to make a plan and make some initial recommendations. The focus will often be to boulster your foundations of health (ie. sleep, exercise, diet, etc.) Even simple changes can make lasting impacts. You can also take this time to ask any questions you like. 

Second Visit: Here, we will review and polish our initial plan after having a few weeks to implement it, and make more detailed recommendations. At this visit, I may have you bring in any relevant bloodwork to further inform our plan. Again, this is your time to ask questions. 

Subsequent visits/maintenance: Subsequent visits will be shorter (usually 30min). We will track your progress and change the plan as needed. New recommendations can be made for any new or more acute concerns. 



Initial: $150

1 hr/1st follow up: $125

30min: $ 75

If these costs are not available to you, please reach out so that we can discuss what works for you. I would like to provide you with naturopathic care that is affordable, regardless of your financial reality.

Still wanting more information about how Naturopathic Medicine works?

Book a Free 15-min Call with me to discuss more.

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